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Reversible Soft Muslin Blanket in Various Colors


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Our fluffy reversible blanket, a masterpiece of softness is designed to whisk you away to a realm of unparalleled comfort, where every touch is as light and soothing as a passing cloud. Imagine a blanket so soft that it envelops you in a gentle, ethereal embrace, transporting you to a state of pure relaxation. With its reversible double-color feature, versatile and inviting, this blanket is your gateway to year-round comfort.

Snuggle on the sofa, enjoy a good book or movie night, or experience bedtime tranquility. Simply flip it for a fresh look. For outdoor adventures or personal spa days, this blanket is your perfect companion. Share the softness during family gatherings, with multiple design options for everyone's preference.

-100% pure cotton, OEKO-TEX Certified
-Reversible, two different soft colors
-Size: 200cm x 240cm (Approx. 79" x 95")
-No need for ironing. Machine washable
-Fringes on both edges