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About Us

We believe good vibes bring great results with dedication, passion and hardworking!
My Kitchen Linens is a family run business with a big and experienced team behind it.
The collection was first launched at the end of 2020! Our philosophy is to combine the beauty and quality of environmentally conscious kitchen and home products into our today’s everyday life without sacrificing the functionality. Let’s listen our story from our founder's notes...
“We are a family business since 2016! I have started my first online business at the beginning of 2016 and my shop, East Village Supply for jewelry makers has made over 100K individual sales in a short while and continue to grow! It was just after my long career in luxury woman fashion as a buying director at well-known department stores. After my corporate life, I am more than happy that I have made that decision to open my shop. It is a dream come true to have such a grow!
With that incredible experience under my belt, in 2020, I decided to create a new collection My Kitchen Linens to pursue my ultimate passion and my love of everything related to kitchen! I think this idea had been on my mind forever. I love being in my kitchen, cooking, hosting, entertaining, serving, relaxing and sharing! I remember that the best memories at my home always had something in it from my kitchen. It is sometimes about sharing just a delicious cookie with a friend over a cup of tea or a big Sunday breakfast with family or backyard gatherings for birthday parties or my favorite ones, big Thanksgiving dinners gathered around our dinner table…Perfect memories! I spend so much time in kitchen with my husband, family and friends. It is the place we relax, chat, improvise, eat, drink and even dance sometimes. Yes, you read it right! I always have the same excitement to prepare, serve and share from my kitchen even though I am not that much of a good cook. (My family says that I am though!) But, I have to admit that, for me, it is also about to create a warm, welcoming and nice presentation. I love working on the details and the colors of my table! I love the happy vibe of a nicely set table for our guests. And, yes, I love all kitchen linens around me while cooking and setting the table! Our kitchen always has a special place in our home! This is how my love become my new brand My Kitchen Linens. It is great to be able to share it with everyone who has the same excitement, care, fun and passion. Now, we are adding new home goods to our collection every season which we love to use at our home with my husband and two wonderful rescued cats. ”
We hope you enjoy shopping at My Kitchen Linens and you will love having our collection at your home or as a gift for your loved ones!

And yes, this is us, having one of the most beautiful mornings just after a long wait for the sunrise at the beach.