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Memorable Weddings

This is how the magic starts! 

It was around mid May when Brooklyn reached out to us to assess if our natural napkin would be a suitable detail that she would include in her wedding reception. So she ordered one sample.

We love weddings! Since launching our table linens collection in 2020, we have the honor to be part of many wedding receptions. Our company's founder remembers her wedding reception, one of the best day in her life. She has been happily married for 20 years now! Weddings are very special and she always makes sure that every wedding order is getting the utmost attention so there is no unwanted surprises. We know that every single detail is important to cherish this very important and memorable day and My Kitchen Linen team will make sure to provide you exactly what you need. 

When Brooklyn received the sample napkin, she contacted us immediately and said, quote "The napkins are perfect! Exactly what we want for our wedding!"  We immediately started to prepare the napkins for the big day and, considering that they may use some extra time, we actually shipped them in advance. But the plans change all the time, right? Of course! When the wedding day was approaching fast, Brooklyn needed extra napkins for more guests and asked if it would be possible to ship her more! Our answer to Brooklyn was easy, we told her of course it was possible. In reality, however, it was the beginning of the new season's production with a limited stock in hand on special orders and we had to change the whole production plan so we can prepare Brooklyn's extra napkins and ship them before the wedding day. Of course, we did not bother her with the details, she had much more important things to take care of, but she knows now :) Everyone in My Kitchen Linens team worked extra hard to make it happen for Brooklyn and we were happy to put the effort. 


At the end, we were more than happy when Brooklyn shared the images from her amazing wedding reception with us. We were blown away! It is one of the most beautiful weddings we have been honored to be part of.  While we share these beautiful images with you, we wish a lifetime love, happiness and health to Brooklyn and Garrett.  

wedding table setting

Remember, we are always here to help making your dreams -on details- come true on your wedding reception. 

With love...

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