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Rainbow Table Runner, Cotton


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Our large Rainbow Runner boasts an enchanting array of rainbow-colored stripes that radiate a joyful and vibrant energy. Its delightful combination of hues adds a playful touch to your table, transforming every meal into a delightful celebration. Whether you're hosting a formal dinner or an intimate gathering, this runner effortlessly infuses a sense of whimsy and charm.

What sets this runner apart is its exceptional versatility. With its colorful stripes, it effortlessly complements a wide range of table linens, making it incredibly easy to combine with other colors. It seamlessly integrates with various color schemes, allowing you to experiment and create unique table settings that suit any occasion. From elegant neutrals to bold and vivid hues, this runner harmonizes effortlessly, ensuring an eye-catching and cohesive look for your table. Transform your table into a canvas of creativity and let your imagination soar as you create memorable moments with loved ones.


-Made from 100% high quality Turkish cotton.
-Prewashed. Softened.
-Dimensions: 76" x 16" (Approximately 193 cm x 41 cm)-Includes one runner
-Machine washable 

*Please read our linen care instructions for your linen napkins to learn more.
*Please note that any other decors used in the images are not for sale.
*Due to different monitors and browsers, actual colors may vary.