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Striped Linen Throw Blanket for Couch and Bed


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Unveil the allure of our natural and black throw, a captivating fusion of elegance and comfort that adds a touch of drama to your home. This high-quality throw marries the understated charm of natural tones with the bold sophistication of black, creating a striking blend that entices the senses and envelops you in pure luxury. What truly sets this throw apart is its irresistibly soft texture, a cozy haven for relaxation and indulgence.

The reversible design of this throw is a unique feature, offering you the option to choose between the calming natural shade or the bold, commanding presence of black, depending on your mood and decor. Whether casually draped over your sofa, it becomes an artistic statement, infusing your living room with depth and style, or used in your bedroom, it transforms your bed into a cocoon of opulence on cool evenings. Bring it outdoors for a picnic or an evening under the stars, and experience the softness and versatility that accompany you wherever you go. Embrace the captivating combination of natural and black colors, and let this reversible throw redefine your space with its plush comfort and dynamic aesthetics.

-60% Linen 40% Cotton, OEKO-TEX Certified
-Reversible, Natural and Black with stripes at the edges
-Size: 135cm x 180cm (Approx. 53" x 71")
-Weight: 760 gr
-Machine washable
-Fringes on both edges