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How to Upgrade the Look of Your Dining Area: 5 Ideas for the New Year

Posted on January 20 2023

How to Upgrade the Look of Your Dining Area: 5 Ideas for the New Year

The dining room is a sacred spot in any home. It’s where the family and guests gather, sit down for mealtimes, and have quality interactions that develop their bonds. This room is often symbolic of the connection to loved ones and the means of strengthening that attachment.

While good rapport and social skills help keep the connection alive, a new look or fresh decor change can make a tremendous difference in the atmosphere. It is especially exciting and practical if you’re revamping the rest of your decor for the new year.

From impressive lighting features to warm and cozy colors, simple upgrades can make your dining area more welcoming and uplifting.

If you’ve hit a wall while brainstorming ideas to upgrade your dining space, here are five refreshing yet evergreen ones you can use:

1.   Add Drama With Lighting

One quick and easy way to revamp a space is by changing the lighting fixtures.

You can use lighting in multiple ways. Large and elaborate fixtures or lamps create contrast or add personality. Whereas accent lighting is ideal for highlighting specific areas of the room.

An iconic lighting fixture to consider is the chandelier or pendant right above the dinner table. Thanks to its central location, a pendant fixture catches attention easily.

Choose one that matches your dinner table’s shape and scale: round lights for round tables and linear light fixtures for rectangular tables.

Opt for warm tones if you want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

If you’re the type to host guests at all times of the day, natural lighting is an option worth exploring. Make the most of natural light to take your dining room to the next level. Natural lighting can also make the space appear larger and airier.

You can try placing the dining table near a light source or adding mirrors in the room to increase the brightness. If your windows allow, try framing them as you would a piece of artwork.

Try to work both natural and artificial lighting into the rest of the decor. At the end of the day, no matter what lighting you choose, it should illuminate the room exactly how you want it. 

2.   Change the Background Colors

A fresh coat of paint for the walls can instantly change the dining space's atmosphere.

First, decide on the kind of environment you want to create, and then start brainstorming color palettes that suit. Decide whether you want more sophistication, up the coziness, or create a fun and whimsical vibe.

If you don’t have natural light sources and want to open up a compact space, white paint is your go-to option. Dark and rich colors are best for creating an air of elegance.

If you want to keep decoration to a minimum, you can simply add a splash of color to one of your biggest walls.

3.   Swap the Tabletop Accessories

Dinnerware, vases, candles, tablecloths—these accessories provide endless decoration opportunities so you can personalize your dinner table to reflect your tastes.

Table runners or napkins in solid colors are great for small areas where decoration options are few. High-quality kitchen linens will make a massive difference to your dining aesthetic, even if you have little room to spare.

If you have a spacious table, you can add napkin holders, trays, stem holders, candle hurricanes, bowls of fruits, and more. However, we suggest limiting the accessories to an essential few and adding a few elements for decoration. Too many additions may look cluttered and reduce the impact of your fresh theme for the new year.

Keep in mind the table shape, color palette, and your overall theme when selecting pieces to accessorize.

4.   Accessorize the Room

If there are large empty spaces around your dining table, you can fill them with various decor items. Statement rugs, bar carts, hanging planters, and consoles are some fun ways to add function and decoration.

You can go for a bar cart if you often serve drinks. A console is great if you need more space to display statement pieces, such as figurines, trays, and candle holders.

Adding art pieces to your dining room walls brings personality to the space and fills a bare area. They are especially effective in rooms with limited floor space, where adding decor pieces might not be possible. Artworks are excellent conversation starters, so choose wisely.

If you’re a family of nature lovers, you can bring in some green elements, like leafy plants or flowers. If access to fresh green products is an issue, try artificial solutions.

If you have a limited budget, worry not! You can make your own paper decorations to hang or build your own side table or shelf.

These are easy DIY projects you can do as a family—share your creative skills to take your home decor to the next level. The best part is you can switch them for new pieces every month or season! Have a look at The DIY Joint for some inspirations! 

5.   Bring in New Furniture

Another easy way to change your dining space is by bringing in new furniture. There are many options to choose from depending on the new decor style and theme you’re going for.

You can experiment with the material, colors, style, design, accents, upholstery, and textures. We suggest looking for a vintage or statement table in unique shapes or builds.

If you aren’t keen on throwing out the dinner table you’ve grown to love, then try swapping the chairs. You can try tub chairs, benches, ladder back chairs, farmhouse chairs, or whatever works with your theme and space available.

A mix and match of chairs will add dimension and personality to your dining room. It’ll also make dinner time exciting for your guests and family members.

The Bottom Line

Upgrading your dining room for the new year is a wonderful idea. Whether you decide to work on only one of these ideas or combine multiple ones, don’t hesitate to take risks.

With a new look, you can look forward to hosting friends and family for fun and atmospheric meals. And adding some DIY projects to the mix will give you plenty of stories to share during future dinners.

As you plan out your new decor, try to make the space as inviting and comfortable as possible—one you and your guests will happily spend hours in!



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