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The Perfect Table Setting for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted on November 16 2022

The Perfect Table Setting for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you may have already planned an elaborate festive dinner complete with roast turkey, stuffing, pie, seasonal sips, and decadent desserts: the works for your family or group of friends. But in the hustle and bustle of food preparations, it’s only natural that table decor and settings may be the last things on your mind.

While they are easy to take for granted, it’s the little visual details that tie your table theme together and create a cohesive theme for the momentous event. However, this is nothing to stress about—it’s easy to create a warm, welcoming, and aesthetically pleasing table setup that you can enjoy throughout the day and into the evening.

We have rounded up the most beautiful table-setting ideas you can try this year. The best part: they are budget-friendly and very easy on the eyes. So you can impress your guests without pinching your pocket.

But first, let’s dive into the history of the occasion and how Americans celebrate it today. 

History of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an annual holiday in the United States and Canada. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. Meanwhile, it is observed in Canada on the second Monday of October.

The holiday has humble origins in the feasts that early settlers and Native Americans shared as a way to give thanks.

Historians say the first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in 1598 near El Paso, Texas. Spanish explorer Don Juan de Oñate and his exploration party made their way from Mexico to the Rio Grande. They invited the indigenous tribes to celebrate their successful journey with a feast and Catholic ceremonies upon their arrival.

Another precedent of the modern celebration is said to be the religious thanksgiving feast the early settlers in the Berkeley Plantation in the Virginia Colony held in 1619. The most popular event considered the first Thanksgiving is the autumn harvest feast the Pilgrim colonists shared with the Wampanoag in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Later on, different communities started celebrating the festival annually on different days. Some places also had more than one Thanksgiving every year. Finally, in 1789, George Washington, the first president of the United States, issued the first official proclamation for a national Thanksgiving holiday.

Modern Thanksgiving Celebrations

In the United States and Canada, Thanksgiving is a designated long weekend, so people have time to travel and celebrate with friends and family. The holiday is a time to give thanks for what they have and partake in elaborate feasts in small or large groups.

A traditional Thanksgiving dinner includes roast turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn.

Some cities and towns host weekend parades to celebrate. In many areas, people also begin Christmas shopping during this time. 

Table Setting Ideas for an Extra Special Thanksgiving Dinner

Our list of table-setting ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner party is sure to spark some ideas and lead you to product links to the best tablecloths, napkins, and table runners that you will be compelled to check out within the day.

Fall-Hued Tablescape

Dress your Thanksgiving table to the nines with beautiful, elegant tones of gold and orange. Take out your gilded or orange dinnerware and place mini orange pumpkins in front of each place setting to make your guests feel special. Attach gilded acorns to brown twine and use them to tie up rolled napkins in mustard yellow tones.

You can also create bow tie napkins by twisting them and slipping gold napkin rings over the center.

Floral Tablescape

Do you love floral tones and enjoy creating DIY centerpieces? You can paint mini white pumpkins in alternating shades of red and pink and line them up in the middle of your dining table. This makes a pretty ombre effect that your guests will love.

Pair these centerpieces with floral tableware and woodrose or red napkins. Add red blooms in little vases at every other place setting to complete the look!

A Bountiful Fall Display

Invite the fall harvest to your home with a show-stopping tablescape that honors tradition. Showcase a colorful display of pumpkins, gourds, fruits, nuts, and seasonal flowers along the center of your table. Put an artichoke place card holder at each table setting to complete the natural, bountiful theme.

A black or terracotta tablecloth will complete this gorgeous aesthetic.

Neutral-Toned Place Setting

You'll love this sophisticated neutral-toned tablescape if you’re more of a minimalist. Take white mini pumpkins or paint them gray and dot them across the center of your table. Complement these centerpieces with dishware and cutlery in gray or white.

Place off-white or natural linen napkins at each place setting for a simple yet highly elegant look.

Playful Plaid Table Setting

This mix-and-match dinner table setup uses place cards featuring embroidery hoops, layers of striped napkins, and plaid-covered pumpkins. You can use different patterns if you have them on hand. It’s best to stick with fall hues to suit the occasion.

Contemporary Rustic Place Setting

Copper cutlery, floral bouquets, and terracotta linen napkins come together to create a vibrant yet tasteful aesthetic. Lay out tableware in gray or light blue. You can also throw on a smoke gray or sky blue tablecloth or table runner for a little added visual drama.

Bright Blue Tablescape

Think beyond the classic fall color palette and make your dining table come alive with navy blue linen napkins. Blue may not be your first choice for a Thanksgiving color scheme, but it pairs beautifully with autumnal themes.

Use gourds, gilded pinecones, gold flatware, votives, and a vintage-inspired lantern for a creative and interesting tablescape.

Lush Tablescape

A little greenery, a small length of twine, and forest green linen napkins can help you create a simple yet lively place setting. Fresh sage or eucalyptus work beautifully, but you can also use twigs from your backyard in a pinch.

Pair this vibrant tablescape with dinnerware in earthy or verdant hues for a charming look.

Dress Up Your Thanksgiving Table With Beautiful Linens

Are you on the hunt for the best linens for your Thanksgiving table setting? Look no further than My Kitchen Linens. We offer an impressive range of handmade linen napkins, table runners, and tablecloths that you can use for your most important events and treasure for a lifetime.



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