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White Waffle Bath Towel


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Soft waffle bath towels are a delight for your senses. With their gentle texture and superior absorbency, they offer a luxurious and spa-like experience after every bath. Enjoy the cozy comfort and quick-drying performance of these waffle towels, elevating your daily routine to a new level of indulgence far surpassing the standard terry towel in both comfort and performance.

These towels can be artfully displayed in your guest bath, creating an inviting atmosphere, or layered alongside your everyday towels for a stylish visual appeal.

-100% cotton. OEKO-TEX Certified.
-Bath Towel: 85 cm x 170 cm (Approx. 34 in x 67 in)
Hand Towel: 38cmx50cm (Approx. 15 in x 20 in)
-Easy care, machine washable.
-Ideal for daily use.
-Fringes on both edges.