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Taupe Brown Reversible Soft Blanket


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Embrace the feeling of ultimate softness with Cozy Zen Blanket, the softest blanket you will ever lay your hands on. Crafted with meticulous care, this reversible luxurious blanket is designed to envelop you in a gentle embrace, making every moment you spend with it a pure delight.
Imagine a blanket so soft, it feels like a gentle whisper of a cloud against your skin. The Cozy Zen Blanket is made from 100% pure cotton, OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring that you not only experience unparalleled softness but also the breathability and natural feel that only cotton can provide. The moment you run your fingers across its 4 layer gauze surface, you'll be enchanted by the softest crinkled sensation that instantly relaxes your entire body.

Whether you're cozied up on the sofa, enjoying your favorite movie or engrossed in a good book, seeking a dreamy bedtime experience for a warm and snug night's sleep, embarking on outdoor adventures like picnicking in the park or stargazing by the campfire, or simply in need of some self-care, you can create a personal spa day by enveloping yourself in the Cozy Zen Blanket while you luxuriate in a soothing bath or sip herbal tea. And when it comes to family bonding during game nights or gatherings, this generously sized blanket accommodates everyone, offering options for everyone's preference with its double sided design. Cozy Zen Blanket is your ultimate companion for any season.

-100% premium cotton, OEKO-TEX Certified
-Reversible, Solid and Striped Sides
-Size: 260cm x 240cm (Approx. 103" x 95")
Good for King size, generously covers Queen size
-No need for ironing. Machine washable
-Fringes on both edges