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5 Reasons Why It Is Important to Have Napkins at a Wedding

Posted on June 20 2022

5 Reasons Why It Is Important to Have Napkins at a Wedding

Napkins are one of the most underrated yet crucial décor elements of a perfect and memorable wedding. What was once a styling star at these events, today, these simple squares tend to be thought of last or even forgotten during the planning stage.

But even if napkins are not at the top of your wedding planning checklist, you must not forget about them entirely. You can use wedding napkins for various nuptial activities, including wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, showers, and bachelorette or bachelor parties.

Napkins have also come a long way from being boring pieces of cloth; they are now often created to be masterpieces of quality and design.

You can choose plain, printed, or personalized napkins made of linen, cotton, or a host of other options. Wedding napkins are gorgeous and functional at once, making them a fantastic addition to your event décor.

If you need more reasons to incorporate napkins in your list of wedding must-haves, we have a list of five excellent reasons to do so. Check them out below.

5 Reasons That You Need to Have Napkins at a Wedding

Here are five important reasons that you cannot miss out on napkins while planning your wedding décor:

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1. A Pop of Color

Most wedding décor tends to be white or in pastel shades. While there is certainly no problem with that, having everything in the same shade can come off a bit dull.

Napkins are the perfect way to add a splash of color and tie the theme together.

Even if you have a white wedding complete with a white gown, white venue decorations, white floral arrangements, white tables, white tablecloths, and white dinnerware, break up the monotony with our dusty rose linen napkins or our toasty mustard linen napkins.

The light pink will help you achieve a rustic or modern look, depending on the rest of your theme. A mustard napkin will add a bit of color and personality that will contrast nicely with your ivory theme, perfect for a bit of variety.

2. Monochromatic Theme

If you want all the elements of your wedding décor to be in matching shades, napkins can also help you achieve that design goal.

For example, if you have a light blue color theme, match the rest of your décor with our sky blue linen napkins. They are incredibly relaxing and pleasing to the eye and will bring a moment of calm in all the wedding rush and madness that often rule these hectic events.

Or, if you have a bright red or pretty blush color wedding palette, our red linen napkins and blush linen napkins are excellent choices.


Sky Blue Linen Napkins


3. Mix and Match

If you have always dreamt of a bohemian wedding theme, celebrate your individuality by mixing and matching colors and materials in various elements of your wedding décor.

Show off your creativity by tossing our forest green linen napkins or terracotta linen napkins into the mix. These earthy shades are the perfect way to further liven up your wedding color palette and impress your guests with your unique sense of style.

You can also add an eclectic, playful twist to your décor by placing different colored napkins across place settings. Our mix and match linen napkins are great options for this purpose. This way, each of your guests can enjoy a pop of color—these napkins will also serve as a fun conversation starter!

4. An Accessory Item

There is only so much that centerpieces can do to jazz up your venue décor. Napkins are a fantastic way to add an accent to a wedding table, buffet table, or cake table.

You can accessorize your table with fun napkin folds and instantly make your table scape Instagram-worthy. Create simple bows using our denim blue linen napkins or eye-catching stand-up folds, angled pocket folds, and Christmas tree folds with our teal linen napkins.

You can also use napkin rings for reception tables at place settings to take your wedding décor to the next level. Or you stack up napkins on the cake table so that your guests can grab one with their slice of cake.

Another way that you can use these tiny decoration pieces is to wrap silverware, bread rolls, flowers, and other such items in them. You can also place them on serving trays or next to charcuterie boards to elevate the overall look.

5. Clean-Up Aids

Weddings are a time to celebrate and party! But like any party, they usually involve messy tables, various mishaps, and the need for heavy clean-up.

Our striped linen napkins or our navy linen napkins can be convenient and practical décor elements to have on hand at dinner tables, bar counters, and cake tables to clean up food, drinks, and cake. These trusty linens will get you through the afternoon or evening with ease and make minor clean-up a breeze.

What’s more, linen napkins are environmentally friendly. You don’t have to be concerned about your carbon footprint when you use them to wipe off a stain or a spill.

Our Conclusion

Wedding napkins are a simple yet sophisticated way to brighten up your wedding décor and elevate your venue's overall look and vibe. You can use them as clean-up buddies to make spills and messes vanish with a swipe of the cloth. Or you can mix and match them with your décor or use them to complement your chosen wedding palette.

No matter how you use them at your wedding, they are undoubtedly an excellent decoration piece to have on hand.

My Kitchen Linens offer a wide range of high-quality linen napkins that are lightweight, soft, and eco-friendly. These premium linen napkins come in an array of attractive colors and patterns that will blend in wonderfully with your chosen theme.

Our napkins are highly durable and easy to wash. So you can get a few extra and stock them up at home for dinners and luncheons that you may host before or after the wedding!



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