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5 Best Linen Napkin Colors to Suit and Enhance Your Table

Posted on June 29 2022

5 Best Linen Napkin Colors to Suit and Enhance Your Table

If you love entertaining guests, you know how a simple accessory like napkins can elevate your entire table setting.

Cloth napkins, especially, can add a welcoming charm to the dining table. Besides, they are also a sustainable alternative to paper ones that often pile up after a soiree.

When choosing your napkins, one of the best ways to elevate your table presentation is to let the seasons reflect through your linens. And with summer brightening up our days, soft and uplifting colors can translate seamlessly onto your dinner table.

Allow our versatile linen napkins, available in lovely summery hues, to liven up your table setting!

5 Best Linen Napkin Colors to Suit Your Table Setting

Switch up your table setting with linen napkins in the season’s most warming hues. We’ve put together a list of stunning colors that will elevate the aesthetic of your table setting flawlessly.


Pair our natural linen napkins with dinnerware in rose gold, gold, and silver, enjoy!


1. Perfectly Natural

If you’re in the mood for a nude palette, pair our natural linen napkins with cutlery and dinnerware in rose gold, gold, and silver. Muted nudes are perfect for both indoor or outdoor table settings with a classic country vibe.

Picture this: rows of fairy lights, rustic wooden furniture, baby breath bouquets tied with string, and natural linen napkins neatly folded up.

These simple and elegant linen napkins will extend a luxurious appeal that will be hard to ignore. Natural linen napkins are also the perfect color for a wedding table setting.

2. Ethereal Sky Blue

A calm, serene blue goes beautifully with neutral-colored ceramic or stoneware dinnerware. Our sky blue linen napkins can also be used to line baskets filled with freshly baked bread, sponge cake, or fruit.

It’s a calming color that will invite hours of scintillating conversation with guests over delectable food and wine. Pair the linen napkins in sky blue with a gold-plated or wooden napkin ring for a contemporary touch.


Sky Blue Linen Napkins to Enhance Your Table


3. Toasty Mustard

The deep golden-yellow of mustard color perfectly captures the essence of summer. And what better way to celebrate this color than in a table setting? Our mustard linen napkins pair beautifully with glass and crystal dinnerware.

If you love a bold theme, choose a tablecloth and table accents in deep earthy tones such as navy, chestnut brown, or forest green. The trick is to create a rich landscape of complementary colors to elevate your dining experience.


Mustard Linen Napkins for a Summer Table Setting


4. Classic Dusty Rose

Bring the raw, untouched beauty of the rolling countryside to your table setting with this elegant color. An arrangement of lightly scented candles, vases filled with daisies, and linen napkins in dusty rose on your dinner table — gorgeous, right?

Dusty rose can perfectly anchor a table setting with either a vintage or modern aesthetic. Linen napkins in this color will pair effortlessly with dinnerware in floral, paisley, and marble patterns.

5. Timeless Blush

This subdued, charming color projects a classic pastoral vibe that your guests will adore. It’s no surprise blush is such a popular color at wedding receptions. Our blush linen napkins sit beautifully with dinnerware in bold or muted colors.

The soft, barely-there hue promises to brighten up not just your table setting but the room itself. It’s the perfect pick for when you want to add just a hint of warm color to a bohemian or contemporary table setting.


Enjoy Summer Colors for your Table Setting: Dusty Rose and Blush Linen Napkins


How to Choose Linen Napkins for a Table

Have you got a special occasion coming up and are feeling a bit unsure about putting your table setting together? We’ve got your back!

These simple tips will help you arrange a spectacular table setting that might just become the highlight of your party.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

When you want to make a statement, don’t shy away from bold and colorful options. Put the basic white cloth napkins away and instead opt for the adventurous route — pick your table linens in the season’s hottest summer shades.

Choose your cloth napkins in muted shades of sky blue, mustard, or blush, and pair them with accessories in bold colors. The balanced and refreshing vibe of your table setting will blow your guests away.

Opt for Complementary Colors

To create a cohesive table setting, pair your napkins and table decor from a similar color family, just not the exact same color. You don’t want your table to be swimming in one color. For example, if you go with mustard linen napkins, choose centerpieces with pronounced hues of sage green, midnight blue, nude, or dark brown.

Make sure your tablecloth is also not from the same color family as your cloth napkins. So if you’re going with blush napkins, you’ll want to stick to a solid or lightly patterned tablecloth in subdued hues of white, beige, ivory, or cream.

Choose the Right Tablecloth Material

Linen and pure cotton are lightweight, versatile, and perfect for creating an inviting table atmosphere. High-quality cloth napkins can also add real elegance to your dinner table. Our linen napkins were made to match any table setting, with or without a tablecloth.

Use Real Floral Accents

Special occasions call for special touches like using real floral arrangements instead of faux blooms. They may seem like some extra work, but they’re so worth the effort! It’ll give your table setting an intimate spin and extend a personal touch to every detail. You can even switch things up by using floral wreaths with candles or scattering real petals to create a similar effect.

Our Conclusion

Let the colors of the warm summer make their way to your table and watch how they work their magic! With the right summery hues, you’ll be entertaining guests with a table setting they’ll never forget, whether it’s at a wedding, birthday party, or celebratory event.

Our napkins are made of soft, eco-friendly, high-quality linen and promise to stand the test of time. You can use them in the kitchen while baking or during mealtimes with family. Enjoy mixing and matching our linen napkins to create an elegant table setting for any theme under the sun!



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