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Napkin Colors To Go With Your Home Aesthetic

Posted on September 28 2022

Napkin Colors To Go With Your Home Aesthetic

Decorating your home is not just about choosing the right wall paint, the best rugs or the most comfortable furniture to match your interior design. Small visual details, which come together to build your home aesthetic, play a vital role too. In fact, many design experts agree that aesthetics are what give soul to a room. 

We look at dining table aesthetics in this article, in particular table napkins colors, and how they can visually tie in your entire dining space together.

Let's explore various design styles and napkins which fit right in.


Not everyone is familiar with Bauhaus-style interior design. It’s a steadily rising trend that focuses on a black, white, and gray.

Bauhaus tastefully combines a neutral color palette with patterns and primary colors. If you’re feeling a little bit bolder, your overall interior design can also feature a balanced amount of geometric shapes. You’re free to experiment with the elements. However, keep in mind that it's all about simplicity, functionality, and timelessness.

If you’re shopping for table napkins to match your Bauhaus home interior, you might want to opt for primary colors: Red, blue, and yellow. You can choose plain, high-quality napkins. Or you may opt for napkins with basic geometric designs.


Boho couldn’t be farther away from the neatness and simplicity of Bauhaus design. It features a playful, eclectic, and free-spirited vibe reminiscent of vintage flea markets.

The unique thing about boho design is that it doesn’t actually focus on any particular aesthetic or interior design. It’s all about capturing the balance between being vibrant and being relaxed. It’s worth noting, though, that boho interiors often feature untreated natural materials, like rattan. Batik, fringes, and embroidery are common, too.

Look for table napkins in vibrant patterns and unique textures. As for the color, you can never go wrong with earthy hues and warm tones. Shades of cream, yellow, and brown could complement turquoise and magenta accents if you know how to pair them.


Country House

It’s not easy putting together a charming, vintage look because of the many details that go into it. You might have found yourself looking through family heirlooms for gilded picture frames, visiting flea markets for a vintage vase, or scouring through online stores looking for a hand-painted tea set with a floral design.

The search for the right details doesn’t end there, though. Of course, you want table napkins that complete the charming cottage vibe that you’re going for, especially when you have guests over. Choose napkins in soft, muted colors to complement your aesthetic. Plain designs would do, but rustic patterns would be better.

Black and white checked napkins, blue gingham, green and red are some of the colors you can try.


Industrial design is common among studios and lofts. It’s arguably the most casual interior design trend. It’s characterized by brick walls, rough concrete,  steel structures, and exposed pipes. Furniture and decor are usually in weathered leather and wood.

Industrial design is successful in creating a casual atmosphere simply because it’s meant to look raw. It doesn’t shy away from unpainted walls and exposed ductwork.

If you’re looking for table napkins to match this aesthetic, go for earth tones. They would look good against the wood-and-steel combination that industrial design is known for. You might want to opt for black napkins if you want sharp details. You can never go wrong with white, gray, and brown napkins, either.



Nothing is more relaxing than Japandi interior design. It artfully blends Japanese and Scandinavian interior design to build a soothing, nature-inspired space. It goes without saying that paper, wood, and natural stone are the most common materials for furniture.

There are many ways you can play with Japandi design. First, you may opt for white table napkins that echo the cleanness of the walls. Second, you may get dark green or terracotta napkins that complement succulents and houseplants inspired by Japanese design. Or you may go with a richer color palette for something more Scandinavian.


You don’t have to live by the sea to bring in the full Mediterranean aesthetic into your home. It’s all about building a relaxed atmosphere, reminiscent of life near the sea.

Mediterranean design is characterized by earthy tones and light colors. It combines muted colors like white, beige, and terracotta with natural hues like azure, sunset orange, and forest green. Wooden furniture and ceramic decor are common, too. You can take inspiration from these colors when choosing napkins for your dining area.




Minimalism isn’t about removing all types of decor and ornamentation. It’s not about stripping down colors and living in a dominantly white space, either. There’s nothing impersonal or sterile about minimalist home design if you decorate your space carefully.

The idea of minimalism essentially revolves around scaling down on colors, textures, and furniture in favor of clean surfaces and open spaces. The most common table napkins for minimalist design are white and neutral tones. However, you may also opt for muted colors that complement the dominant color of your furniture or decor.

The rule of thumb is to decorate your space with shades of the same color to achieve the flawlessly cohesive look of minimalist homes.




Clean, functional, simple. These three best describe Scandinavian interior design. It’s essentially a combination of wooden elements and white, beige, and cream accents.

Scandinavian design is huge on natural materials. The aesthetics combine the use of cotton, linen, leather, rattan, and local wood materials for a natural feel. The color scheme is typically cream, white, and gray. So, you can use these for your table napkins.

On another note, many kitchens in Scandinavian homes feature these colors: pale blue, dusty pink, forest green, and gold. You can get napkins in these colors if you want a splash of life in an otherwise flawlessly muted interior design.


Choose The Right Tabletop Linen Napkins For Your Home

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