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Different Occasions Where Table Runners Can Be Used

Posted on October 28 2022

Different Occasions Where Runners Can Be Used

You can beautifully decorate dining tables with table runners. They add a pop of color and texture to the table and protect it from food spills and melted candle wax. They help you show off your style while adding functionality to your table decor.

But table runners are not only meant for dining tables. They work well on a variety of flat surfaces and tables. You can use them to address various decor needs. You can use them for various occasions like birthdays, house parties, weddings, and everyday use.

In this article, we will look at different ways to use table runners to enhance the look of any space, for any occasion. Check them out below. 

7 Different Occasions Where You Can Use Table Runners

1. Embellish A Nightstand For Valentine’s Day

Who said you could only decorate beds for a Valentine’s Day celebration at home? Add a touch of romance to your and your significant other’s nightstands with matching table runners, like our light bluish gray linen table runner.

Add an eclectic lamp, a pretty flower vase filled with your favorite flowers, and a candleholder for some scented candles to set the mood.

The table runner will accentuate the decor pieces on your nightstand and make it look more charming. It will also protect the nightstand from scratches, spills, and stains and enhance its shelf life. You can also try this decor idea for wedding anniversary celebrations or at-home dinner dates. 

2. Decorate A Coffee Table For A Birthday Party

coffee table decor with runner

You often gather with family members and entertain guests at the coffee table. So it needs to look more put-together and also be resistant to coffee spills and stains.

Decorating your coffee table with this warm-colored terracotta linen table runner is a great way to make it look cozy and inviting. It is perfect for occasions like a birthday party when you’re hosting friends and family. Its rich color will make the space more vibrant and serve as a great conversation starter. 

3. Deck Up Your Window Sill for Halloween

If you love decorating your house and dressing up for Halloween, dress up a window sill with a table runner, and place pumpkin dioramas, a dried flower wreath, and other spooky decor items. Our navy linen table runner will complement your decor while protecting the window sill from scratches or spills.

window decoration with a runner

4. Furnish A Console Table For A House Party

If you have a console table that you haven’t used for years, bring it out, dust it, and place it in the hallway, entryway, or dining room when you intend to throw a house party.

Then decorate it with this golden yellow linen table runner and other pretty accent pieces like flower vases, decorative jars, and framed photos.

The table runner will instantly brighten up the space and make it look more cheery and appealing to guests who walk in. It will also keep the console table from being scratched or damaged due to the decor pieces placed on it.

5. Dress Up Your Fireplace For The Holiday Season

If you have a spare table runner, you can use it to festoon your fireplace for the Christmas or Thanksgiving holidays.

Instead of getting a mantel scarf, you can simply use this forest green linen table runner and place it along the center of the mantel. Stack your favorite knick-knacks on it, like photographs, festive baubles, and figurines, and impress your guests with your impeccable style.

The green color of the runner also suits the Christmas theme well. This makes it easy to mix and match other decor items in similar colors. 

6. Festoon Wedding Buffet Tables

While table runners are a common sight at fancy weddings, you can switch things up to give your wedding buffet table an innovative, stylish look.

Instead of having a table runner running across the length of the table, place one like this off-white linen table runner across the table’s width. You can add more than one table runner to the table beneath each dish to prevent food spills.

You can also try this trick on a dining table. Drape multiple table runners across the table to make it look more sophisticated and cozy. This looks great for dinner parties and everyday use. 

7. Beautify Your Patio Table For A Summer Party

Patio table decor with a table runner

Summers are a great time to host outdoor house parties and BBQ parties. Deck a large patio table with a chic table runner for your next get-together.

This smoke gray linen table runner is a wonderful option to amp up the look of your outdoor table and protect it from food and drink spills.

Place wreaths, lights, glassware, and crockery on the table runner, and let your friends and family sit around the table and bond over food and laughter.

You can also get a linen table runner set in various colors to place on different tables. This will lend your patio a colorful, happy vibe. 

Our Conclusion

Table runners are a great way to beautify your home and brighten up a space. These versatile decor pieces help add a splash of color and dimension to any surface while protecting it from damage.

You can use table runners in different colors and patterns on your nightstand, dresser, coffee table, console table, patio table, or wedding buffet tables. This will help you complement the color theme of your home decor and add a touch of practicality.



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